Banjos, Dorads and Woodcats – Aspredinidae, Doradidae and Auchenipteridae Catfishes


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In this unique book, 52 genera with more than 100 species of catfishes of the families Aspredinidae, Doradidae and Auchenipteridae are presented on 300 pages in over 400 high-quality color photos. Information is provided on their synonyms, common names, identification, ecology, size, and how to keep and feed them in the aquarium. This book will become an invaluable guide for aquarists and ichthyologists about the Banjos, Dorads, and Woodcats. We try to be able to put the publication date still on something earlier. Unfortunately, we can publish at the moment, but only the 18.01.2022 as secured. .

In recent years we have already produced several books on the market. In the past this was done for external clients, such as the Panta Rhei, or the IG BSSW. But now we will also publish books in our own publishing house. We will cooperate with different authors. We are also happy to accept requests from authors.

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