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Ingo Seidel



Ingo Seidel was born in 1967 in the North German city of Delmenhorst. After his training as a mathematical-technical assistant at a large electronics company in Bremen, he turned his hobby into a profession in 2001 and moved to the surroundings of Berlin. Since then he has been working as a research assistant for one of the largest ornamental fish wholesalers in Germany.

His main interest has always been the fish fauna of the South American continent and he soon found out that catfish are his true love. From 1992 to 2006 he was head of the catfish division of the BSSW working group (now IG BSSW). Since a few years he is editor of the BSSW-Report.

Over the years he was able to reproduce countless Corydoras catfish, Loricariid catfish and also some other fish species in his aquariums. He made several trips to tropical South America, Africa and Asia and is also an enthusiastic photographer. Ingo is the author of many articles in different aquarium magazines and has published several books since 2002, especially about Corydoras and Loricariid Catfish.




Websites: Ingo-Seidel.net
Facebook: Ingo Seidel
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