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Andreas Tanke – entrepreneur, aquarist, photographer, …

Since early youth contacts to aquaristics. With about 10 years first own aquarium. In the 1990s break. 2002 Re-entry into aquaristics.
Main focus: Dwarf cichlids and lesser catfishes of South America

Besides keeping and breeding South American fish, I am also interested in their origin, so I have been able to make several trips to South America. In addition, I have been active as an author and speaker for years and thus pass on my acquired knowledge.

Through my company (ATS-EDV-Service) it offered itself here to combine the pleasant with the useful. Since I had a lot of good fish pictures anyway, it was obvious to make them available to other people and to work together with photographer friends.

Andreas Tanke
Mikrogeophagus ramirezi

Incredible biodiversity

Currently, we already have over 600 different designs to choose from. Among them, more than 400 catfish. These are not only loricariid catfish, but also over 100 armored or even predatory catfish. In addition, we also have a large selection of tetras, loaches, snakeheads and also numerous cichlids especially dwarf cichlids.

We are working to expand this assortment for you regularly, so that you will also find your dream fish with us.







Regular extensions of the assortment

Through our online print shop(ats-druckshop.de) we have the best contacts in the printing industry and so we are always discovering new products, which we will then also include in our range after successful tests.

Currently, we have only included pictures for hanging in the portfolio for now. In the future you will find here many more print products around the aquaristics.

Corydoras cf. schwartzii (CW028)

Our photographers

Well-known pot photographers from the aquatics scene

ATS Aquashop - Logo
Tina Benneker
Haakon Haagensen
Haakon Haagensen
Kai A. Quante
Kai A. Quante
Enrico Richter
Enrico Richter
Fotograf: Ingo Seidel
Ingo Seidel
Fotograf: Leandro Sousa

Leandro Sousa

Andreas Tanke
Andreas Tanke
Fotograf: Elke Weiand
Elke Weiand
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