Canvas: Panaque cf. armbrusteri “Xingu” (L 27)

Aluminium: Garnele

Wall Mount, self-adhesive (7*7cm)

Our wall brackets in the size 70 * 70 mm are ideally suited to hang our art prints in the sizes 30*20 cm or 40*30 cm. The load capacity per hanger is about 1.5 kg. For larger pictures you should therefore use at least several holders. They stick to our art prints on acrylic as well as to our prints on brushed aluminium.


Acrylic: Rio Xingu “Cachoeira do Jericoá”

Canvas: Apistogramma cacatuoides

Aluminium: Ancistrus sp. (L 107 / L 184)

Canvas: Corydoras armatus “Peru”

Aluminium: Corydoras sp. (CW 55)

Acrylic: Hypancistrus zebra (L 46)

Acrylic: Hemiancistrus subviridis (L 200)

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