Aquatic Art prints

We offer art prints of the most diverse ornamental fish – whether catfish, dwarf cichlids, livebearers or even invertebrates.

Just look around in our store at your leisure. If you should not find a species here, please contact us directly. We are happy to help you …


What we do

In cooperation with numerous top photographers (like Ingo Seidel, Andreas Tanke, Kai A. Quante and Enrico Richter) we offer art prints from the field of aquaristics also for your home.

So aquarium friends can enjoy their fish not only in their aquariums, but also everywhere else in their home.

Explore our great assortment today….

Our assortment of art prints

Our two top sellers are the aquatic art prints on brushed aluminium (which offers a particularly noble look) and on acrylic glass (which ensures a very brilliant and glossy effect). We also offer our art prints on canvas.

Of course we also have other products like posters, calendars (seasonally available) and coffee mugs in our range. This is also constantly being expanded.

Just check in with us more often …

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