Gift Ideas

Not only our stickers are in this category. We will be expanding this area considerably in the near future, not only with coffee mugs and gift vouchers, but also with many other new ideas!
Just let yourself be surprised and check back here often…


In addition to the well-known art prints, we now also offer stickers. These are contour-cut and printed on a transparent vinyl film.

to the stickers

Our latest products

We are constantly introducing new motifs and products to our customers.

Search your species

Are you looking for a picture of a specific species? That’s exactly why we have integrated our picture search here!

Simply enter the desired name in the search field and you will be shown all the products that contain the species you are looking for – then you are spoilt for choice as to which product you like best…


With almost 200 different designs the Loricariid catfish are currently leading in our database. But we are also still constantly in the process of expanding these even further…

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With almost 90 different designs the Corydoras are also quite well represented in our database. In addition to representatives of the genera Brochis and Corydoras, species of Aspidoras and Scleromystax…… will follow soon.


With more than 20 different species of cichlid, art prints of this fish family are also represented in our store, but here too we are working on increasing the number of species……

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