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Kai A. Quante



Kai A. Quante has been an aquarist since childhood. In the hard water, livebearers such as Sail Carplings, Black Mollies and Platies were bred in their youth. With the move to Braunschweig, with its soft water, the aquariums multiplied to meanwhile about 60 to 80 with 1.5 to 180 liters volume with mostly small fish and invertebrate species that romp around in the tanks. In the past, various catfish and armoured catfish, dwarf cichlids, labyrinths and characins were bred. The enthusiasm for invertebrates led to the breeding of bee shrimps in the early 1990s, soon marbled crayfish and ringed hand shrimps were introduced as the basis for the breeding of various crab, shrimp and crab species.

Since 2015 he has had his own brand, AQ4Aquaristik, for aquaristic products in the area of primeval crabs, feed and aquaristic products.

Again and again he writes articles for trade journals and the internet, books and gives aquaristic lectures. If you want to read more about his aquaristic activities, visit his shop at www.aq4aquaristik.de.

Kai A. Quante’s main job as managing partner of the AQ4Business GmbH keeps him busy.

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