Book: Banjos, Dorads and Woodcats – Aspredinidae, Doradidae and Auchenipteridae Catfishes successful shipped

by | 24.01.2022 | News

Dear customers and catfish enthusiast,

finally some good news from here! After the problems with the printer concerning Covid, Christmas, lack of paper and overload I can now report that books “Banjos, Dorads and Woodcats – Aspredinidae, Doradidae and Auchenipteridae Catfishes” arrived well here and are already stored.

In the meantime, all pre-ordered books have been shipped. All customers were informed by email with the corresponding tracking data via DHL, so that the packages are also directly traceable. The first customers have already given positive feedback that their books have arrived safely.

So if you are still looking for a unique monograph about the catfishes of the families Aspredinidae, Doradidae and Auchenipteridae, you can be supplied immediately.

Please note, the shipping costs for ALL shipments outside Europe will unfortunately be significantly more expensive. At the moment we use the product “Warenpost International L” from Deutsche Post. Unfortunately, this product will expire on 30.6.2022 and the successor will only be allowed up to 1kg weight, but the book weighs 1.2kg. After that, the cost will increase (depending on the country) by 5.00 to 20.00 euros. We are desperately looking for cheaper alternatives, but the market doesn’t seem to offer much.

So if you are still thinking about buying the book, you should act fast before the freight prices increase.

By the way, there are still a few remaining copies of the first book “Pims Pimelodidae, Heptapteridae and Pseudopimelodidae Catfishes” with Steven Grant available.

<a href="" target="_self">Andreas Tanke</a>

Andreas Tanke

Seit frühester Jugend Kontakte zur Aquaristik. Mit etwa 10 Jahren erstes eigenes Aquarium. In den 1990er Jahren Pause. 2002 Wiedereinstieg in die Aquaristik. Neben der Haltung und Zucht von südamerikanischen Fischen interessiere ich mich auch für deren Herkunft, so dass ich schon einige Reisen nach Südamerika unternehmen konnte. Außerdem bin ich schon seit Jahren als Autor und Referent aktiv und gebe so mein erlerntes Wissen weiter. Durch mein Unternehmen (ATS-EDV-Service) bot es sich an hier das Angenehme mit dem Nützlichen zu verbinden. Da ich eh viele gute Fischbilder hatte, lag es auf der Hand, diese auch anderen Leute zugänglich zu machen und hierbei auch mit befreundeten Fotografen zusammen zu arbeiten.
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