Prints on paper

Posters, calendars but also various other products that we will present here in the future…

We produce a wide variety of posters. These are compilations from the already known photos of our art prints, but also completely new creations, such as the poster that was created together with Leandro Sousa about the plecos from the Volta Grande.
In the future many of our art prints will also be available as single posters.
We offer you our posters on high quality 250g/m² glossy art paper.
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Calendars are a recurring product that we add to our range every year. Every autumn we produce the calendars for the following year. There might be some remaining copies to buy in winter/spring, but the main time of year is autumn.

At the moment we offer you the calendars in the size DIN A3 (420*297 mm) on high-quality, glossy 250g/m² art paper. The calendars are still provided with a protective foil in front of the title page.

It is THE highlight for every aquarium room or even the living room or study of every aquarist.

We accept here also inquiries for the organization of own calendars.

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our latest products

We are constantly introducing new photos and products to our customers.

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