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Art prints on Acrylic glass

Plexiglas is actually nothing more than a brand name for acrylic glass. We also know something similar from paper tissues (i.e.Tempo).
In principle, it is a transparent plastic that is quite resistant. The fact that it is lighter and less fragile than real glass results in numerous applications.
We now print this acrylic completely with the chosen motifs and then white sealed so that it is opaque. These plates are great for photo printing. Since they are translucent, you can even use them for lamp construction. To make them even more durable, like our acrylic glass plates in the dimensions 30 * 20 cm and 40 * 30 cm, we coat them with real glass. As a result, they can also be used e.g. in the kitchen or outside use.
Upon special request, any other dimensions and motifs are possible.
Note, however, the minimum size of 10 * 10 cm and the maximum 198 * 148 cm. Larger dimensions must then be produced in several plates.

Art prints on Acrylic glass

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