Bagrids, Hillstream, and other Catfishes of Asia

  • More than 50 detailed species profiles
  • a total of more than 250 species from 13 families and 69 genera
  • English language only
  • Hardcover

After the success of the catfish books ‘Pims’ and ‘Banjos, Dorads and Woodcats’, Steven Grant turns his focus from South America to the mighty continent of Asia!

Similar to his previous books, Steven Grant gives an overview of the families, genera and species of Asian freshwater catfish. Due to the large number of families and species on the continent, Steve focuses on the best known catfish, but also describes and shows many rarer species and some of their habitats.

Over 500 images by top fish photographers and researchers, depicting over 250 species from 13 families and 69 genera.

The book gives an overview of each of the families, genera and species and describes how they are identified, their ecology, etymology, size and how to keep and even breed them in the aquarium.

This book will be of interest to both the beginner and the catfish specialist, and it is hoped that it will also be of interest to ichthyologists. You could call it volume 3 of Steven’s treatise on catfish!

Cover Asian Catfishes Buch

The book will be published in winter/spring 2024/2025.

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The Author

The Autor, Steven Grant

Steven Grant is a British aquarist and amateur ichthyologist specializing in catfish and loach.

He has been on expeditions to Peru and Bolivia where he collected (and ate) catfish. This allowed him to see firsthand the biotopes in which they live and the other species in which they are found. He has also written numerous articles for aquarium magazines and the Catfish Study Group Journal, of which he is now editor. He is a speaker at many world meetings.

Steven has described four species of Corydoradinae, and there is also a Hoplisoma named after him. He described a genus of loaches and three genera of false catfish and also a L-Number. He has also rediscovered the lost type specimens of numerous catfish species and written about the identification of old and forgotten scientific names.

He also runs the Facebook group “Catfishes of the World”, which is an online portal for aquarists and ichthyologists.

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Cover Asian Catfishes Buch
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